Untouchable Love Trailer

Untouchable Love Trailer from Meghan Vigeant on Vimeo.

Two young dance teachers in Nepal, Nisha and Raj, keep their relationship a secret for five years. When her family learns of their elopement they go to great lengths to stop it. They do not want their high-caste daughter to marry an “untouchable,” the lowest rung on the social ladder of the caste system. Their story offers a surprising discovery of freedom.

Meghan Vigeant will give a multimedia documentary presentation of Untouchable Love at two venues this February.

Friday, February 6, 2014
6 PM
Sheepscot General, Whitefield, ME


Thursday, February 13, 2014


Camden Library
Camden, ME


I grow more in love with you everyday by Jinal Shah

I found this story on Cowbird about an Indian couple that eloped here in the US, then later had a proper wedding with their family and friends. It is an interesting comparison to Nisha and Raj’s elopement. While Nisha and Raj eloped in secret so that her family would not shun her, this woman and her husband eloped because his US visa was running out. Both have found strength from supportive family members to help them build their relationships with their respective spouses.

I grow more in love with you everyday – by Jinal Shah

grow more in love